Secabo Membrane base plate 45cm x 45cm for TC5

SC10010950745 - Secabo
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The membrane-based panels from Secabo open up many new opportunities to use a Secabo heat press - especially in transfer objects with large height differences and uneven spots. Many old and almost all new transfer presses models are suitable for retrofitting with passive membrane-bottom plates. A small fan Ball, the membrane can be easily inflated. Thus, the maximum compensation amount of the membrane can be determined for a transfer. The contact pressure is adjusted as usual at the transfer press, for example a wheel on the hot plate. A pressure gauge shows the closed state of the transfer press the current pressure to reliably - in grams per square centimeter. During the pressing process, the pressure by the blower ball and a drain valve can be finely adjusted. With the membrane-bottom plates of Secabo can be read not only the actual transfer printing, but also reproducibly adjusted repeatedly. The membrane-bottom plates for work surfaces of 38cm x 38cm and 40cm x 50cm. The membrane plates have even dimensions of 45cm x45cm x 57cm or 47cm. They can be mounted directly on the base of many Secabo heat presses and are also known for the quick-change systems and Slide extensions from Secabo.


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