The Magic Touch

TheMagicTouch är en innovativt koncept i tryck och transferteknik. Koncernen är ledande inom transferpapper och transferteknologi och arbetar ständigt med nya tekniker och metoder. Senast i raden är partnerskapet med OKI som har resulterat i CMYW laserskrivaren OKI pro7411WT.

The Magic Touch was founded in the Netherlands more than 20 years ago. Now the company is represented in 54 countries. TheMagicTouch delivers comlete solutions for laser transfers, textile prints and sublimation, for companies and organisations all over the world.
The Magic Touch gives you the opportunity to print your design in four colours on almost any surface imagineable. It's a quick and simple process. The setup is fast and it's just as fast printing just one single print as it is printing a hundred, no matter if you want to print on fabric, carton, plastic, leather, glass or metal.


As with all products, it's importande to separate the ones intented for personal use by hobby crafters, and the ones intended for professional use. The Magic Touch delivers professionall transfer papers for producing a variety of different products. Transfer papers has the unique ability that they can be used for almost anything, there are very few limitations for what you can't print. The important thing is to use the right kind of transfer paper for your surface and to follow the instructions. If you do this the transfer will not come off. 


What do I need to make laser transfers?

The transfer papers from The Magic Touch are made to be used with colour laser printers. Thank to the collaboration with OKI the papers and the software Space Control are tailor made for their printers. Of course other printers will work as well, as long as they are within the recommended temperature range and don't get too hot or cold when used with the transfer papers.

Some of these papers require a heat press with enough down force for the creation of the transfers before pressing it onto the substrate. Therefore we recommend that you use the printers and presses that has been approved by The Magic Touch. 

Check if your printer is compatibel with The Magic Touch transfer system



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