Sublimation is a printing technique where the print binds into the surface of the item where you want your image.This increases the durability of your prints for as long as the item itself lasts. It also gives a very smooth print, without any discernible edges.


You can use sublimation for both hard and soft surfaces, for instance fabric, aluminum, cheramics. However, fabrics need to contain a minimum of 50% polyester (the higher percentage, the better result you will get) and hard surfaces need to be coated with a polymer surface. So just using ordinary cups and glasses won't get you the desired result.


This technique is also not suitable for darker or coloured fabrics since the design vill blend and merge with the surface. For instance, if you print a blue design on a yellow T-shirt, the resulting design will appear green since the yellow would have merged with the blue. To get the best results, use the products that are especially made for sublimation.






transfer paper

sublimation transfer papers for hard and soft surfaces

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