Polydrop is a highly versatile, low cost and easy to use doming system. This system not only allows your business add durability and quality to your current products, but also gives the opportunity to change the nature of your products altogether.

The PolyDrop System consists of a Non Toxic Polyurethane Liquid Resin, a Mixing Unit called the PolyMixer, a Dosing Unit (3 options available), and a Heating Unit.

The PolyDrop resin is a liquid polyurethane resin that cures crystal clear which will dent and rebound instead of scratching. There are various resins available with different levels of hardness depending on your application. The PolyDrop resin can also be cured at room temperature and is UV stable. With an 8 year exterior life the PolyDrop resin is manufactured to high automotive quality standards, and guaranteed not to fade or yellow even in extreme temperatures.

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