For more than 100 years, Brother have been manufacturing sewing machines for both industrial use and home sewing. Since almost 50 years they've expanded their range to include office machinery (printers, copiers, scanners among other things) as well.


Using the innovative technology Brother has become known for, they offer a cutting machine for artists and crafty people, that with a push of a button can make your unique creations a reality. The ScanNCut is a stand-alone cutter that combined with modern scanning technology makes it easy for you to cut your photos or handdrawn designs. There's no need for a computer or having to learn a new software to be able to create original and different projects.

See it - Scan it - Cut it - Create it


If you want to use heat transfer vinyl in your project, we can also recommend a heat press. Using a heat press you can set the number of degrees, you will get an even pressure all over the surface, and that will ultimatly give you a more proffessional and more durable result. 

Heat Presses

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